Your starting point to explore Southern Sardinia

Portoscuso is one of the main towns in the Sulcis Iglesiente area, an historical region of Western Sardinia, famous for its ancient origins and traditions. In fact, it was chosen already by Phoenicians and Carthaginians, who were the first ones to discover the wealth of the territory, due to its mineral fields.

Once an ancient, sheltered port, today Portoscuso houses one of the most well-equipped tourist harbors in the region, a modern complex that can accommodate approximately 400 boats, beyond the main port that connects Sardinia to Carloforte.

Located in the center of Portoscuso, the Don Pedro Hotel is very close to all the town’s main attractions: the Spanish Tower, a 16th century construction that is the symbol of Portoscuso. Today it is used for social and cultural exhibitions and events. On Pranu Tonnara (fishing net), dating back to the 1500’s and serving as a dock for tuna fishing boats and equipment.

In the adjacent Giovanni XXIII° Square you can visit the church dedicated to the Madonna of Itria, the Patron Saint of Portoscuso. Refurbished in the ’50s, the church contains two ancient art works dating back to the 1600’s, as well as several precious, wooden simulacra.

However, the most captivating feature of Portoscuso is certainly the surrounding nature: the rocky and rugged coast, followed by long stretches of thin sand. Its pristine waters, beautiful sea bed, the variety of its coastline: all this fosters the presence of marine and swamp ecosystems of great interest. Large areas of Mediterranean maquis give way to marvelous rocks and sand dunes.