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Boat Excursions in Southern Sardinia

Taking a boat excursion in Southern Sardinia you will have the chance to travel along the ancient routes that lead to the tuna nets, called Tonnare, to admire the Pan di Zucchero sea stack and the Mine of Porto Flavia, and to circumnavigate the islands of S.Pietro and Sant’Antioco.

You can swim in crystal clear waters or simply gaze at the wonders that will appear before your eyes along the journey. Marvel at the Pan of Zucchero, the 133-meter sea stack that arises from the sea, just off the coast. Made of cambrian limestone, the sea stack is the result of sea erosion, which separated it from the mainland.

You will then encounter the fascinating Porto Flavia Mine in Masua, an engineering jewel located on a cliff that falls sheer to the sea. It was built in 1924, digging into the mountain for approximately 600 meters.

The hotel reception can organize boat tours for you with local, affiliated suppliers.