• Endless beaches in a dream island


The Beaches of the Sulcis Iglesiente

Southern Sardinia, and especially the Sulcis Iglesiente, boasts a wide range of beaches. Their pristine waters and the beautiful sea bed foster the presence of interesting marine and swamp ecosystems, as well as large areas of Mediterranean maquis alternating with rocks. The Sulcis Iglesiente boasts 200 km of hidden beaches, sand dunes, high reefs, and breathtaking panoramas. Here you will find the relaxing and fun atmosphere you were looking for.

Only 100 meters from the Don Pedro Hotel you will find the small beach of Sa Caletta, with its thin sand and crystal clear waters. If you continue on the pedestrian pathway along the rugged, rocky coast, 400 meters away you will find Portupaleddu beach. This beach too is surrounded by rocks.

And the, the crown jewels of the Sulcis: Porto Paglia (Gonnesa), a long stretch of sand with pink hues due to its minerals. And Porto Pino with its majestic white sand dunes that stretch from the Municipality of Sant’Anna Arresi to the one of Teulada. A nearly 5 km long beach surrounded by a pine forest and Mediterranean maquis. There are plenty of facilities nearby.

Continuing north you will reach Masua Beach, with its amazing panorama over the “Pan di Zucchero”. Afterwards is one of the most charming beaches of the area, Cala Domestica, located 2 km from Buggerru and set in a deep inlet, between impressive rock walls. Here you can still find today the ruins of ancient mining activities.